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Open Gym Rules:


  • Ages 6 & Under - Parents chaperone kids & remain within arm's reach.  Parents are not allowed on the equipment.

  • Ages 6+ Drop Off - Parents sign kids in and then leave.

Yellow Trampolines:  

  • Only ONE person is allowed to jump at a time.


  • Always land FEET FIRST in the pit! (Never on your head or stomach).

  • Do not bury yourself or others in the pit.  No digging holes!!

  • Keep the blocks in the pit.


Miscellaneous Rules:   

  • No Eating is Allowed in the gym.

  • Water bottles with WATER ONLY are allowed.

  • Look both ways when walking around the gym - Watch out for tumblers!

  • No Wrestling!!

  • Ask staff to use equipment.  Do not touch equipment or props without permission!!!

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