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*All participants MUST be members.

**Membership is $40/year (from joining date)

Private Lessons


Ages 2+.  One-On-One Personalized Instruction.  $40-$75/hour.
One-on-one lessons are perfect for those who want to work on a specific skill, get caught up, or get ahead!  Each lesson is individualized with drills and conditioning to help you meet your needs!. To set up a private lesson, please call or email us at  Let us know your goals, budget, and the days and times that work best, and one of our Amazing Staff will reach out to you soon!!  

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Register for 1 month - like a class


Pay as you come!

*There is a $40.00 annual membership fee

for all non-members.

Small Group Family/Friends Lessons

Ages 2+.   $25/hour/child.   3 - 6 participants. 

Choose an hour for one to four weeks with a group of friends to come and have a class at the gym & enjoy fun games & activities directed by our amazing staff!


Small Group Lesson are designed to provide a fun gymnastics lesson for siblings and/or friends for 3-6 participants. If participating friends or family members are at a similar level, the lesson may be skill focused. The lessons may be less focused on skills if participants vary largely in their age and skill level. This will be a great lesson for sibling any age to learn a variety of fun activities on the equipment, including trampoline, bars, beam, and floor. Please Note: As these lessons are for participants from the same family or close friends, social distancing (staying 6 feet apart) does not apply unless requested. 

*Can qualify for Homeschool PE Requirements!

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