Tumbling for Dancers - Beginner 


Ages 6+.  55 Minutes.   $78/month.

These classes are specifically designed for the competition dancer desiring to improve tumbling skills. Dancers have specific skills they need for their competition routines, and in this class, skills will be tailored to the individual dancer's needs once they have built a strong foundation.  No matter what your preferred style of dance is, tumbling can add depth, dimension, height transitions and demonstrate a dancer’s sense of control in a routine. In many lyrical and contemporary routines, back walkovers, aerial cartwheels and front aerials are used for creative movement and overall presentation of choreography. 

Tumbling for Dancers

Dance Acrobatics 1.png
Dance Skill.png
Dance Aerial.png

Masks are required to be worn at all times

by everyone ages 4 & up!

**Only 1 seat available to view per athlete

*(Please keep non-participating siblings safe at home!)

Enrollment is always open!



Tuition fee for the current month is due at the time of registration.  Each month, on the first day of the month, your monthly tuition will be automatically charged to your chosen payment method which must be saved on your Infinite Parent Portal account. 


An annual registration fee of $40 per child ($80 maximum per family) is due at the time of enrollment.  This registration fee is due once per year.  Those who have paid this fee are officially "Members" and can may receive special membership benefits and discounts.  This fee is non-refundable.


Notification of discontinued enrollment must be received by e-mail to infinite1gym@gmail.com prior to the first of the month that you no longer wish to be billed.