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At Infinite Gymnastics, our preschool fitness program is about more than just teaching children the sport of gymnastics.  We believe in providing our preschoolers with the tools they need to jumpstart them towards success for years to come! 


Our mission through our academic-based fitness program is to create children who are well-rounded in all aspects of development.  Each class is designed to incorporate elements of an early-preschool education in a fun, interesting, and age-appropriate way.  Our goal is to create children that are more prepared for entering school.  


You will be amazed at the transformation your child makes in gross motor development through the introduction of basic strength and gymnastics skills.  At the same time, they will begin to develop important social skills as they learn to interact with peers, practice taking turns, standing in a line, listening to a teacher, and more.  Best of all, you will see them light up and gain confidence in themselves as they are overcoming obstacles and advancing both physically and mentally.

*Schedules and prices subject to change

AGES 2-3 Years


Co-ed.  35 minutes.  $66/month.
We incorporate stretching, music, games and great gymnastics into a semi-structured class that simultaneously introduces colors, shapes, animals, and numbers.  Kids not only develop physical strength, coordination and balance, but engage stations that focus on different developmental stages up to four years of age.  In addition to learning gymnastics and having fun, children will work on practical skills that will help them in future settings, such as taking turns, listening to an instructor, and standing in lines.

   *Parent’s participation in class is required.

Ages 4-5 Years

Co-ed.  45 minutes.  $86/month.

New and with experience.  This class provides a foundation for gymnastics skills on all apparatuses.  Our specially designed program promotes physical agility and fine motor skills. You will be amazed at the progress and development that occurs at this age. Watch your child's confidence grow as they learn new skills, gain body awareness, and face their fears. 

   *Parents observe from viewing area. A parent or guardian needs to be present in the building at all times

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Coed.  Ages 4-6.


55 Minutes.   $93/month.

A combination of ninja, gymnastics, parkour, and imaginative fun!  Learn what it takes to become a superhero!  In addition to being strong, fast, and courageous, all superheroes in training will learn how to act with honor, integrity, kindness, and all of the other qualities that it takes to become a real "hero!"


Enrollment is always open!


Our Gym Membership works just like any other gym membership, there is a tuition fee that is due each month and an annual registration fee. Should you decide you no longer want our services it is your responsibility to inform us (Please see our Withdrawal Policy). Should you not inform us, even if your child does not attend classes, you will still be charged the monthly tuition fee as you are holding a spot in our classes that could be given to another child. Refunds will not be given. 


A credit or debit card is required to be on file in order for your child to participate in classes at Infinite. The Tuition Fee for the current month is due at the time of registration. Each month, on the first day of the month, your monthly tuition will be automatically charged to your chosen payment method, which must be saved on your Infinite Parent Portal account. Due to limited spots available, families who are not current with their tuition may lose their spot in their current class and will need to pay in order to re-enroll. 

Please Note:
You may request a billing cycle date of the 15th of the month; however, all drops must take place by the 25th of the month, before you no longer wish to be billed. We do not refund for classes missed or days you did not attend (PLEASE SEE OUR MAKEUP POLICY on the
FAQs Page). Children who are enrolled are holding a spot in the class and must pay for their spot (whether they attend or not). 


If you wish to pay with cash or check, you may do so, however, all cash/check payments must be made/received before the 30th or 31st of the month, or the credit card saved to your account will be charged. 


An annual registration fee of $50 per child ($100 maximum per family) is due at the time of enrollment.  This registration fee is due once per year. Those who have paid this fee are officially "Members" and can may receive special membership benefits and discounts.  This fee is non-refundable.


Infinite offers a 5 day grace period for tuition due. After that, a $25 late fee will be incurred if payment has not been received by the 5th of each month. 


To discontinue enrollment, you must fill out our Withdrawal Form. This form MUST be received by the 25th of the month or else you will be charged for the following month. We do not refund for days that your child was enrolled but did not attend.

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