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Xcel Team

Welcome to the Infinite Gymnastics Competitive Team Program!  


We offer a quality program that is designed to build confidence and strength through individual success!



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**All prospective athletes are required to complete a FREE EVALUATION for proper level placement in the competitive programs.  

The Xcel Program is a USA Gymnastics sanctioned program designed to offer a broad-based, competitive alternative to the traditional USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic competitive programs.  The purpose of the Xcel Program is to present recreational gymnasts the opportunity to participate in competition and/or provide Junior Olympic competitive gymnasts the opportunity to continue competition without the intense time commitment.  


The Xcel Program:

  • Allows girls to set and achieve individual gymnastics goals.

  • Presents the experience of team camaraderie.

  • Provides flexibility for girls to engage in other extra-curricular activities, sports, or family time.

  • Offers opportunities to move up through the 5 Xcel levels.


 A year-round commitment to attendance is crucial to an athlete's success in achieving their personal goals, as they are doing skills and routines that require an intense amount of mental and physical training. Please do your best to ensure your gymnast's success!


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