Gym Fit Kids

Fitness Fun for Kids!

Ages 5+.  Co-Ed.   60 Minutes.   $83/month.

Exercise and fitness is so important for everyone! We know that physical activity helps children build healthy bodies and prevent chronic disease. We also know that helping our kids to love movement sets them up to be stronger and healthier teens and adults.


But, what we may not be as familiar with is the "how" and "why." 

To help answer these questions — we attached a list from that lays out the specific physical and psychological benefits that can come from having your child engage in regular exercise.

How exercise helps children’s physical development

1. Develops muscle strength

Muscle strength helps to reduce children's risk of injury. Lifting things, including their own body weight, keeps them healthy and limber, so they feel well and function optimally.

2. Improves cardiovascular capacity 

Moving vigorously cultivates a healthy heart and lungs and helps prevent hypertension(abnormally high blood pressure), which can develop during childhood. Regular physical activity also can substantially lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

3. Keeps bones strong

The crucial time to build bones starts before the teen years and lasts until the mid-20s, which is when bones grow to their maximum thickness. You can help your kids prevent the onset of osteoporosis by encouraging them to do weight-bearing activities like jump rope, running games, pivoting and balancing.

4. Decreases body fat

Aerobic activity and strength training help children expend energy (calories), which helps them with weight control and positive body fat distribution.

5. Maintains a steady, healthy weight

Movement and a healthy diet, combined with reducing sedentary behaviors like watching TV and playing computer games help to prevent obesity, which in turn can help prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.

10. Controls mood swings

Exercise can help calm kids down and stabilize mood swings, thus making good behavior more likely.

11. Fosters feelings of happiness

Fun, physical activities and mental stimulation with family and friends in a supportive environment give children the sense that they've achieved something new and challenging. They feel better. They feel happy.

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Tuition fee for the current month is due at the time of registration.  Each month, on the first day of the month, your monthly tuition will be automatically charged to your chosen payment method which must be saved on your Infinite Parent Portal account. 


An annual registration fee of $40 per child ($80 maximum per family) is due at the time of enrollment.  This registration fee is due once per year.  Those who have paid this fee are officially "Members" and can may receive special membership benefits and discounts.  This fee is non-refundable.


Notification of discontinued enrollment must be received by e-mail to prior to the first of the month that you no longer wish to be billed.  

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