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Parent Responsibilities


  1. First and foremost, decide whether or not this program is for you and your child.

  •     Can they handle an accelerated pace? Can they handle the commitment?

  •     Can they handle the initial increase in training time? In some cases, it will double.

  •     Can they handle the discipline, commitment and sometimes the pain?

  •     Is gymnastics what they want to do?  (or is it what you as a parent want?)

  •     Can you trust a large portion of your child's growth and development to members of the INFINITE GYMNASTICS coaching staff?


  2.  All parents of team members automatically become members of the INFINITE             GYMNASTICS Girls or Boys Booster Club. Information regarding Booster Club membership will be provided to you directly from the Booster Club itself.


  3.  Financial support: You must be willing to undertake the expense of gymnastics. You will be the bank for leotards, grips, warm ups, travel, tuition, meet entry fees, meet coach expenses, gym bags, floor music, team registration fees, etc. Competitive gymnastics is expensive and although our booster club, with your support may do fundraisers to help ease the burden, there is still much that they do not cover.


  4.  Become the essential link in the training triangle of coach/gymnast/parents. Your trust in the coaching staff is paramount as the child will not always see the light at the end of the tunnel. Truly believe that we always have your child’s best interest in mind. Support the coaching staff during the rough times. Please come to any of your child's coaches if you have a problem or concern. We are in business to serve you and your child. Your thoughts are important to us and we have changed many policies over the years after some "brave" parent came to us. If we cannot help you we will explain why and we will work to find another way to solve whatever is bothering you. Complaining to other parents cannot solve your problem, so save yourself time and aggravation and come to us.


  5.  Please stay off the gym floor and refrain from commenting on your child's performance in workout. Parents generally outgrow this habit after a year or so, but at the beginning levels some parents like to play coach. The kids don't need another coach, they need a supportive parent who will give them a hug whether they have had a great day or a terrible day.


  6.  Please stay out of the office areas unless you have been invited in. Thank You!


  7.  Please feel free to watch any practice at any time.

  8.  Please let a coach know before practice if you think your child might have a problem due to illness or injury.

  9.  Parents are expected to show the proper respect for our beautiful sport at all times. Rude, belittling or negative comments about judges, coaches and other gymnasts are always inappropriate.

  10. Gymnastics must come second to school. Although the vast majority of our gymnasts are very good students, there may be times when a pressing assignment or test might mean a shortened or missed practice. Just let us know, it will always be fine.

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