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Guidelines for Competition


The United States Gymnastics Federation (USA Gymnastics) governs competition in the United States. Children are classified into levels of competition based on skill difficulty. Girls begin at Level 2 and can progress to Level 10. Boys begin at Level 4 and also progress to Level 10. The Elite Level is the same as the Olympic Level. Each level has a primary age group to which the skill for that level are targeted based on the physical development for that age. Older gymnasts can compete at any level up to the level targeted for their age.


Our philosophy at INFINITE GYMNASTICS is for a gymnast to enter the competitive program when they are ready to compete and not before. Besides the obvious safety reasons, we want their competitive experiences to be positive and rewarding! It is vitally important to place a gymnast at a level that will provide a challenge, yet one that will provide the opportunity for success. Generally, gymnasts feel much better about themselves and gymnastics in general when they experience success regardless of the level. Lack of success leads to discouragement and potentially attrition that often times is preventable. Gymnastics training is a journey and not a onetime season event.


Careful evaluation goes into considering a gymnast for competition. We are looking for gymnasts who are physically ready in terms of strength and flexibility, and have mastered certain required skills. The other and maybe most important area of concentration is their mental readiness. They will have to learn to deal with fears, anxieties and their emotions.


No one can prepare a parent for their gymnast’s first competitive gymnastics experience. Each one of you has a unique relationship with your gymnast. We rely on you to create a relaxed and supportive atmosphere prior to, during and after the meet. You will undoubtedly be consumed by questions pertaining to meet situations. Please do not be afraid to ask!

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