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About Infinite


Our goal is to provide optimal learning for our students through a safe, challenging, and rewarding environment for all levels of gymnastics. We believe that a caring and yet structured atmosphere with positive feedback will provide each child with confidence and a positive self image as they develop body awareness, strength, and flexibility from a beginning through a competitive level.


Not only do children learn aspects of fitness that will help them later in life for ANY sport, but they can learn social skills that will help them THROUGHOUT LIFE!

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We offer a variety of physical and mental benefits through our classes and programs:


Participants will...

-Improve their problem solving and concentration skills. (Studies have shown that a physically active lifestyle leads to higher test scores in school.)


-Increase their self-confidence through setting and achieving goals and positive reinforcement.


-Develop responsible work-habits through a fun, yet disciplined learning approach.

-Improve their overall strength and flexibility which enhances their athletic




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