It’s that amazing time of the year again, when the weather gets warmer and the days get brighter – That’s right, SPRING IS HERE! With the coming of our favorite season comes Infinite Gymnastics’ annual Spring Showcase!  This showcase is an exciting opportunity for your gymnast to get to show off all of the wonderful things they have been working on throughout the year.


Practices for the showcase will be held during your child’s normally scheduled classes.  Any missed classes can be made up in any other class of your child’s level.  Participation in the showcase is not mandatory, but it is a fun way for your child to get to experience the thrill of performing in front of family and friends, which is such a beneficial thing for every child’s life.


UNIFORMS:  Boys will be wearing a specially designed t-shirt (with shorts of their choice), and girls will be wearing a leotard specially designed for the showcase by GK Elite.  It can take several weeks for leotards to get made and shipped, so we need to get our sizes ordered ASAP.   To avoid ordering the wrong size leotard, sample sizes will be available at the office to try on for accuracy. 

The cost of the uniforms are –          GIRLS - $35 for GK Elite Leotard

                                                                BOYS - $15 for Specially Designed T-Shirt


All of the proceeds from the showcase will go towards general updates and the purchasing of new equipment for your child to use at the gym.  We will also be handing out programs at the event that could be used as a wonderful advertising opportunity for local businesses!  Each company that sponsors our event as a “Friend of Infinite” will also be advertised on our Spring Showcase webpage until the next spring showcase.  To find out more information, contact Coach Maia at


Advance tickets will be available for purchase at the office beginning May 14th


We can’t wait to show you all of the fun and amazing things your child has been working so hard on!  

Our Spring Showcase is Here!


June 10th 2018

1:00 pm


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