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Meet our Coaches!




Coaches:  Xcel Silver

Been Coaching Since:  2015

Highest Level Attained:  Prep Op Gold

Favorite Coaching Accomplishments:  "Watching my gymnasts improve and get new skills"

Favorite Thing About Working at Infinite:  "How everyone acts like a family and everyone knows everyone.  Being able to watch all the gymnasts grow in their career as a gymnast is the greatest thing to see!"

When Josie isn't coaching gymnastics, she can usually be found: 

At home with her fur babies!

Other Hobbies:  Traveling

Favorite TV Show:  Grey's Anatomy

Favorite Food:  Spaghetti

Favorite Animal:  Giraffe

Other Fun/Interesting Facts:  During every vacation she goes on, gymnastics is done as a "tradition!"




Coaches:  Preschool - Elite

Been Coaching Since:  1992

Highest Level Attained:  College at UW Oshkosh

Favorite Athletic Accomplishments:  Two-time Collegiate All-American National Champion, College State Champion on Bars

Favorite Thing About Coaching:  "I love working on molding young children into champions, both in the gym and in life!  My lifelong goal is to give back and to create empowered athletes in both their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing."

When Chris isn't coaching gymnastics, she can usually be found: 

In the gym or at a softball game watching her daughter

Other Hobbies:  Crafts, fishing, boating, skiing, and volleyball

Favorite TV Show/Movie:  Hallmark Christmas "24 Seven," Last Man Standing, and the movie Stick It.

Favorite Food:  Ice Cream, Fried Chicken, Nutella

Favorite Animal:  Horses & Dogs

Other Fun/Interesting Facts:  Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Human Services with a Health Minor.  She was on the Dean's List for 10 semesters, is an honors' graduate and member of the Alpha Delta National Honor Society for Human Services.  In addition to coaching at Infinite, Chris also works at Nicolet High School as their Head Gymnastics Coach (for the past 26 years), and is also their school's diving coach.  Chris has also worked at the Nicolet Rec. Department since 2011.




Coaches:  Gym Manager + Preschool, Team, Girls & Boys Rec.

Been Coaching Since:  2004

Highest Level Attained:  Level 9 & Varsity High School

Favorite Coaching Accomplishments:  Producing several State and Regional Champions, as well as receiving the Sportsmanship Trophy at the Dairy Aire competition for getting voted the team that showed the most sportsman-like conduct.

Favorite Thing About Coaching:  "My favorite thing is helping kids overcome fears and gain confidence in themselves - whether it's getting a medal at a meet or just simply walking across the beam by themselves!"

When Maia isn't at the gym, she can usually be found: 

At her house, hanging out with her daughter and her husband.

Other Hobbies:  Cooking and Web Design

Favorite TV Show/Movie:  Shows- The Office & Shark Tank/ Movies- Tommy Boy & Princess Bride

Favorite Food:  Kopp's Red Raspberry Custard & Sushi

Favorite Animal:  My golden retriever, Clover

Other Fun/Interesting Facts:  Maia has a Bachelor's degree in History with a minor in Religions Studies.  She also does web design and created the website for the gym and several of the gym's advertisements.  



Coaches:  Preschool & Girls' Rec.

Been Coaching Since:  2019

Highest Level Attained:  Level 9 

Favorite Athletic Accomplishments:  WIAA (Washington) State Vault Champion 2009 and MVP 2008-2012.

Favorite Thing About Coaching:  "Working with all the various skill levels and helping all kids to reach for the stars!"

When Alana isn't coaching gymnastics, she can usually be found: Hiking with her dog Pepper or being lazy on the couch (especially when it's cold outside)

Other Hobbies:  Arts & Crafts, Hiking, Binge watching TV, & Softball classes

Favorite TV Show/Movie:  Show- Gossip Girl/ Movie- Lilo & Stitch

Favorite Food:  EVERYTHING - Especially home-baked goods

Favorite Animal:  My dog Pepper

Other Fun/Interesting Facts:  Alana also works as an event coordinator at the Mequon Public Market (so let her know if you need event space!)



Coaches:  Girls' Rec. & Preschool

Been Coaching Since:  2019

Highest Level Attained:  Level 4

Favorite Coaching Accomplishments:  When a kid says that they had fun that day is my favorite!

Favorite Thing About Coaching:  "Watching the kids master skills and progress to the next level or onto team!"

When Angie isn't coaching gymnastics, she can usually be found: Cheering for the Racine Raiders, playing with her dog Roxie, and dancing to her favorite songs/music videos 

Other Hobbies:  Cheerleading (Racine Raiders' Cheer & Dance Team), going to concerts, cooking, & travel

Favorite TV Show/Movie:  Disney Movies

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Favorite Animal:  Sloths, otters, squirrels, rabbits, dogs ("I *love* animals!")

Other Fun/Interesting Facts:  Angie has a Masters' Degree in Biological Sciences and works on ecological studies focused on improving freshwater habitats and fish populations for Ozaukee County.  She began cheerleading in the 7th grade, and still does it to this day.  Angie believes that you can never have too much glitter or too many sparkles, and she leaves a little bit of sparkle wherever she goes!



Coaches:  Power Dudes/Preteam & Level 4 Boys' Team

Been Coaching Since:  2019

Highest Level Attained:  Level 10

Favorite Athletic Accomplishments:  "I have completed 10 years of competitive gymnastics and have competed level 10 for two years"

Favorite Thing About Coaching:  "My favorite thing about coaching is teaching the younger guys new skills and being ale to see them excel in their gymnastics!"

When Lucas isn't coaching gymnastics, he can usually be found: At the gym practicing for the upcoming season

Other Hobbies:  Woodworking, photography, baseball, and reading

Favorite TV Show:  Studio C (a sketch comedy show)

Favorite Food:  Pork chops and mashed potatoes with sauerkraut and gravy

Favorite Animal:  Poison Dart Frog

Other Fun/Interesting Facts:  Lucas has been a lifeguard at the YMCA in West Bend for a year and he also coaches his younger brother's baseball team!



Coaches:  Boys and Girls Rec. 

Been Coaching Since:  2016

Favorite Coaching Accomplishments:  "I love working with kids and helping them get new skills"

Favorite Thing About Coaching at Infinite:  "I get to wear sweatpants to work and I love being able to play around in the gym when I get a chance"

When Dominic isn't coaching gymnastics, he can usually be found: Outside, a skate park, working out, or a ski hill

Other Hobbies:  Parkour, skateboarding, and snowboarding

Favorite TV Show:  The Witcher

Favorite Food:  Raviolis

Favorite Animal:  Niko Pico

Other Fun/Interesting Facts:  Dominic has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and is working towards his Masters' Degree.



Coaches:  Office Manager + Preschool

Been at Infinite Since:  2018

Favorite Athletic Accomplishments:  "Making it to Optionals and competing Varsity High School Gymnastics"

Favorite Thing About Working at Infinite:  "There's no place like home!"

When Emily isn't coaching gymnastics, she can usually be found: Snuggling with her dogs

Other Hobbies:  Crafting, rollerblading, cooking, trying to garden, & snapping dog pics.

Favorite TV Show:  The Newsroom

Favorite Food:  Salmon

Favorite Animal:  Bears

Other Fun/Interesting Facts:  Emily once gave Green Bay Packer legend Randal Cobb a ride to the airport when she was working at her previous job.

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