Covid-19 Updates

Safer at Home was overturned... Now what?

I think this is the question that is on everyone's minds.  What does this mean?  When will Infinite reopen?  What will happen next?

Things are still up in the air at this moment, as we try to gather all of the information on what this means and how it will affect Infinite Gymnastics.  We are excited to be open (we miss you all so much), but we want to make

sure that we are able to do so in a way that's SAFE, responsible, and takes every precaution into consideration.

Since our gym resides in Milwaukee County, we will also have to abide by the 

guidelines  produced by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Berrett, who is continuing the Safer at Home Order for

Milwaukee County it seems, until May 26th (though it also seems as though things are constantly changing 

and it is difficult to keep up with the latest news).

Here are some general precautions and guidelines that will be going into effect

upon reopening with a tentative date of June 1st.

There will be 5 Phases of reopening.  The date that each phase will go into effect is to be determined.


Zoom Classes will continue to be offered for Non-Team Members during Phase 1.  Private Lessons will be available as well.

**Gymnasts are required to stay home if they or anyone in their family is coughing, has an abnormal temperature, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, or any other Covid-19 symptoms.


  • Groups will be very small so that social distancing can be maintained.

  • Practice start and end times will be staggered to ensure time for the gymnasts to get in and out of the gym safely, to provide time to wipe down the equipment between each practice, and for teachers to thoroughly wash their hands.


  • Gymnasts will have their temperatures taken prior to entering the facility by their coaches, who will also document any symptoms or conditions.

  • Lockers will not be used at this time, so gymnasts will need to be prepared - prior to entering the gym - and be able to put their clothes, shoes, and any other items into their clearly marked gym bag.  Hair will need to be done prior to entering the facility as well.  Long hair should be up in a ponytail and bangs clipped away from getting into the eyes.

  • Please have your gymnast use the bathroom before leaving the house so that we can try to limit bathroom usage.  Gymnasts will only be able to use the restrooms one at a time.

  • Pick up for Team Members will be at the door on the side of the building, next to the garage door.  Both the gymnast and parents will need to communicate with a cell phone when the parent has arrived for pick-up.  If cell phone texting is not available, a coach will accompany remaining gymnasts out to meet their parents with 6’ distancing.


  • Masks are required for anyone entering the facility.

  • Athletes are not required to wear them during their training, as they can be dangerous if they fly off, distract, and restrict air flow. They may, however, be worn in the bathroom and lobby area.

  • Coaches are required to have one on their person while coaching, but will only be required to wear them when social distancing is unavoidable or if they are spotting (which will be minimized as much as possible).


  • While many gyms are forbidding the presence of parents in the facility, we do not feel comfortable breaking Safe Sport rules.  

  • During phase 1 & 2, the upstairs viewing area will be off limits to spectators, but we will allow up to two parents (total) to sit and watch if they desire.

  • Chairs will be set up in the gym with the location TBD.

  • They are available on a first-come first-serve basis.  No more chairs will be added.


  • We are banning the communal chalk bins and will be giving each Team Member their own labeled ziplock bag of chalk to keep in their gym bag.

  • Gym bags must be taken home each day (it is recommended that they are kept in the car as well).

  • All items in the gym bag must be clearly labeled.

  • Items needed in the gym bag include the following: 

    • Ziplock bag of chalk (provided for team members)​

    • Spray bottle (for grips)

    • Grip scraper (for grips)

    • Water bottle

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Clothing/shoes kept in bags


  • Since we have been gone for so long, coaches will be reintroducing basics for the short term to limit spotting.

  • Lessons and techniques will be modified to respect a minimum of 6 feet of space

  • Coaches will not come if they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, so there may be instances where we will be scrambling to come up with coaching coverage or will have to cancel practices until we are sure that it is safe for the coach to return.


  • Kids will be required to wash hands in between rotations, and they may use the sanitizer that they provide in their bags at any time.

  • Equipment will be wiped down after each station is used, and will again be thoroughly wiped down by the coaches after each class is done.

  • Panel mats will be used on the floor for a surface that is easier to wipe clean and will also help to keep kids socially distant.



  • The pits will be closed for now with mats covering them so they will not be used.

  • Outdoor space may be used on nice days for activities and we will also open up the garage door if the weather permits.


  • Parents will need to read and sign the document "Doing My Part to Keep Infinite Gymnastics and My Favorite Gymnast Safe" and have their child bring it on their first day of attendance.  It will also be available at the gym, but it MUST be signed before the athlete can participate

  • Anyone who is found to be not following rules will be asked to leave.  These rules are not up for negotiation and are put in place for everyone's safety, including yours!

  • These policies and procedures may also change and evolve over time.

*As we approach each stage of reopening, new safety guidelines will be issued and released.  We will keep you updated as much as possible!


Zoom Classes will continue to be offered for Beginner Classes and Preschool

-Silver and Gold - Boys

-Rubies, Emeralds, & Diamonds - Girls

-Free G

-Small Birthday Parties


Zoom Classes will continue to be offered for  Preschool

-Bronze - Boys

-Pearls & Sapphires - Girls


Zoom Classes may still be offered on a limited basis for those uncomfortable returning

-Preschool Classes

-All Open Gyms will resume, but there will

be a limited capacity.  Sign-up will be

done online.

*Our goal, as always is to provide a safe environment for our children and community.  Please respect our reopening policies, as we are doing everything with YOUR best interest in mind!

As much as we miss you, we want you to stay healthy and safe!


Return to Pre-Covid-19 regulations!


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