Covid-19 Rules & Policies

Updated 01/07/2022


Masks are required at all times by anyone entering our facility who is 4 years-old and older. For those who are 3 & under, they are encouraged to wear a mask, but are not required to do so. Should you or your gymnast forget your mask we do have masks available for sale ($1) at the Front Desk.

In an effort to keep everyone safe and maintain social distancing, we are asking that parents of athletes ages 6 & up drop their athlete off. We have reduced the seating in our viewing area, due to the rise of COVID cases, and are asking that unless it is your gymnasts first time at Infinite Gymnastics, or if your gymnast is a part of our Preschool Program that you do not utilize our viewing area at this time.. 

We are in the process of updating our cameras and are hoping to have them accessible to parents before the end of January. Parents will soon be able to watch their gymnasts classes through their Parent Portal.

New Isolation Quarantine.png


When dropping off your child at the circle drive-up, please remember:

  1. To make sure your child is wearing their mask BEFORE they leave the car.

  2. To stay until your child has given you a "goodbye" wave or "thumbs up" to let you know that everything is good.

Upon arrival, everyone will sanitize their hands, and kids can take off their shoes prior to entering the gym and put their things in a cubby, either in the gym or in the cubbies by the stairs. Children will then find their teacher who will let them know what is next!

When picking up your child at the circle drive-up, please remember:

  1. Be on time! If you are going to be late, please call to let us know OR send your child with a cell phone and send them a text!

  2. Please drop-off in the circle drive. *The circle drive is to be used for drop-offs only.* 

  3. Please pick up at the side door. We do pick-up in a drive-through fashion.

  4. DO NOT PARK ALONG SIDE OF THE BUILDING. When parents park on the side of the building, we cannot see beyond the cars and it makes it very dangerous for the kids!  

**PLEASE NOTE: If anyone with any symptoms and has come to class, we will have them sit out and will call for you to come pick them up.

WE DO MAKEUPS!!! Please see our makeup policy!

Please make sure your child is wearing their mask BEFORE they leave the car!