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Practice Policies


  1.  Workouts begin with approximately a 30 minute warm up with flexibility rotations, followed by individual event rotations ranging in length from 30 minutes to one hour.


  2.  Please see that your gymnast arrives in time for their warm up. This includes hair preparation and attire. This time period is the key to preventing injuries in addition to the fact that there is an extreme emphasis placed on flexibility in the required compulsory routines. This can only be attained through proper, intense flexibility training.


  3.  Attire: Girls must wear a leotard, shorts are optional. If they have long hair, it must be pulled back, away from the face. Jewelry should not be worn to practice. Boys must wear shorts and a t-shirt, preferably one that is form fitting and not too loose. Put names on all items that your child brings to the gym. Please check the Lost and Found box for missing items


  4.  Gym bags would be the best for team members. They can keep all of their gymnastics equipment (grips, tape, shorts, music, etc.) with them on the gym floor. They are required at all meets.


  5.  If your gymnast needs to be taped prior to their workout, have them arrive a little early so they may be ready on time.


  6.  If you find it necessary to pick your gymnast up early, please notify a member of our coaching staff before practice begins so appropriate workout alterations can be made if necessary. For their own safety, please instruct your child to wait inside the building until their ride arrives. They are welcome to use our phone if needed.


  7.  Vacation days for team will be posted on the bulletin board and notices will be e-mailed to team parents. There are up to 3 weeks off per year scheduled into tuition fees. This is in addition to normal Federal holidays.

  8.  Snow days: If our instructors can make it to the gym safely we will hold class. Please check our website for any cancellations. Make up days may or may not be offered due to time constraints.

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