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Warning and Liability Waiver

In order for your child to be a member of the Infinite Gymnastics Team Program you must agree to the following:

Assumption of Risk

Participation in gymnastics involves motion, height, and rotation in a unique environment and as such involves risk of injury, paralysis, and even death. You agree to individually protect the future medical expenses incurred as a result of injury sustained while participating in any gymnastics practice, open gym, exhibition, or program offered at the Infinite Gymnastics facility.


Release of Liability

You agree that Infinite Gymnastics, their owners, operators, agents, and coaches shall not be held liable for any injury sustained by our child while under their care and control. You acknowledge the risks involved in allowing our child to participate in gymnastics at Infinite Gymnastics. You understand and accept those risks. This agreement and waiver, having been read thoroughly and understood completely, is signed voluntarily as to its content and intent.


Medical Emergencies

In the event of a Medical Emergency you give permission for the staff of Infinite Gymnastics to make emergency decisions as to whether a call to professional emergency personnel is necessary. You also give permission for your child to be transported for emergency care as needed based on the recommendation of emergency personnel.

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