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Gymnast Responsibilities


  • No food or drink is permitted in the workout area during practice. Buying and drinking soda during .practice is not appropriate. Eating anything with sugar in it either before or during practice is not a good idea. The old myth that sugar gives a quick energy boost is just that, an old myth. In reality, sugar leads to a drop in energy.


  • Absolutely no gum is allowed in the gym.


  • No team member is allowed to use alcohol or drugs, or to smoke. Any of these activities may result in dismissal from the team.


  • Female gymnasts must wear a leotard to every practice. Additional attire is optional during warm ups, but is not permitted during the workout, except for shorts.


  • Do not wear jewelry, it can snag on equipment or clothing, and it poses a danger to the gymnast and the coach.


  • Cell phones, stereo and video equipment are to be used only with the specific permission of the coach.


  • Gymnasts are not permitted on any equipment without the specific permission and supervision of a coach.


  • Rude, disrespectful or negative behavior will not be tolerated.


  • Come to the gym prepared to participate. This means having all the right clothing, grips, wrist guards, etc. It also means arriving on time, having enough sleep, enough to eat and the proper attitude.


  • Do your conditioning to the best of your ability. When the gymnasts are younger, we will go through your conditioning and flexibility work with you. You need to learn how to do it correctly. As you advance and get older we will increasingly expect you to do it on your own. While most of the time in the gym is spent doing what you are told to do under the direct supervision of a coach, it is important for you to develop your own self-discipline and self-motivation habits. Those habits will stay with you long after you leave gymnastics. Those older and more advanced gymnasts will learn to take more responsibility for their own training.

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