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Common question/answers

  1.  The meet schedule indicates that the meets are Friday through Sunday. Does my child need to be there all weekend?


No. Each gymnast is assigned to a session during the meet. Girls’ sessions will last roughly 3-4 hours and boys’ sessions roughly 4-5 hours. Meet information as to times frequently is not available until the week before the specific meet. Do not call the host club to find out times, as soon as we have the schedule we will place it in your child's mailbox. It will include check in times, warm up times, and actual competition times. Leave plenty of time to arrive at the meet on time and remember that the meet time table actually begins the night before with a good night’s sleep.

  2.  What should my child eat before a meet?


Assuming the gymnast has a well-balanced diet during training, nothing new or special should be added. A meet is much less physically demanding than a practice. No special energy foods are necessary. Please keep in mind that a meet is more emotionally draining, so foods that settle easy are a must.


  3.  What should my child wear to the meets?


Team leotards and warm ups will be ordered once your child has successfully achieved her status as a "Team Member". This takes place in the summer and the team uniform must be worn to all meets. For girls, underwear should be the same color as the leotard, and cannot show. We can order special matching briefs for you if you would like. Boys should wear form fitting underwear rather than loose boxers under their uniforms. Hair must be arranged away from the face and neatly tied back. All hair scrunchies should be tightly secured. (A bun creates the most professional line for gymnasts). Bare feet or gymnastics shoes are the only acceptable foot wear for competition for girls. Boys will wear socks.


  4.  Will my child’s primary coach be at the meet?


Occasionally your gymnast will compete in a meet in which her primary coach may not be present. We make every attempt to put your gymnast at ease at any meet they may attend. We realize that their main coach may be the most comfortable situation, but not necessarily the appropriate one at any given time. Our decisions are based on previous travel and future travel plans for each and every coach. At times, especially if a meet falls on a Saturday, they may have to cover another class group that they are also responsible for. .


  5.  Do we have to attend every meet on the schedule?


All gymnasts are expected to participate in all scheduled competitions. The only exceptions are a family commitment on the same weekend of a scheduled competition, a religious restriction or, at the highest levels where the expense of the meet may be a factor. (Ex. Travel expenses to Florida, Nevada, etc)

  6.  Can the coach take my child to a meet?

It is up to parents to chaperone your child or designate another adult in your absence.

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