Open Wound Policy



Any student with a pre-existing open would must have the wound appropriately bandaged. A student with an uncovered open would will not be allowed to participate. They may observe from the side.

If the student wishes to participate, the wound must cleaned and covered according to appropriate First Aid procedure.


The instructor, upon noticing an open wound, will act according to the following:

  • Immediately stop the student from participating.

  • Evaluate extent of open wound or injury.

  • If possible, have the parent clean the wound and bandage according to appropriate First Aid techniques.

  • If the parent is not present, the instructor or office personnel will supervise the student as they clean the wound and bandage appropriately. If the student is too young to adequately administer self First Aid, the instructor will clean and dress wound according to approved First Aid techniques. ((The instructor may send injured student to office personnel to appropriately treat wound according to prescribed First Aid techniques. This will allow for continuous supervision and instruction of the remaining students.)

  • All contaminated surfaces will be cleaned with appropriate solution that kills HIV and Hepatitis Viruses.


  • Open Wound – Any opening in the skin that is, can or could seep body fluids. Examples: Fresh or bleeding scab, open blisters on hands or feet, cuts, scrapes, rug burn.

  • Appropriately covered – Covering the open wound with gauze and tape, and/or Band- aid to prevent body fluids from contaminating gym surfaces.

  • Appropriate First Aid Procedure -

  1. Use rubber gloves

  2. Cleanse with solution that it known to kill HIV and Hepatitis virus.

  3. Appropriately cover

  4. Dispose all contaminated materials in container expressly provided for such use and appropriately labeled as ‘contaminated’.

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