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Time Commitment


  1.  Competitive gymnastics is a year round commitment. Because of this, occasional small personal sacrifices will sometimes have to be made. This is not to say that gymnastics must consume your lifestyle. Our coaching staff realizes that family and academics must be priorities. Ultimately, we hope that our athletes learn to budget their time when other activities arise.


  2.  We do realize that occasional training time may be missed when necessary. We simply ask that you keep in mind that the training schedules set out are arranged for maximum results. Frequent deviation from it only hinders skill acquisition. When it is necessary to miss a workout the coaching staff would prefer to know about absences ahead of time. In case of illnesses, please call the gym and leave a message. Absences need not be made up unless deemed necessary by the coaching staff.


  3.  If you choose to have your child participate in other programs, please understand that it will affect the amount of progress achieved and the time needed to accomplish skills at either their present level or the next level they are qualified to participate in. We do not wish to become an obstacle for participation in other programs, (soccer, plays, music, etc.) rather we wish to clearly state that progress in gymnastics will take longer, due to the time being divided with other programs. It is imperative that all parties involved in outside activities from INFINITE GYMNASTICS understand this concept. Progress will be made as well as expected, but will not be achieved at the same pace as those fully committed to our program.


  4.  During the year your gymnast may be asked to take part in various camps, clinics or exhibitions.

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