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Meet Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always arrive 15-30 minutes early to the meet. This allows your child time to see the area and get comfortable.

  • Please respect the coach’s time at a meet. Any questions you may have regarding your gymnast’s performance should wait until the coach is done for the day.

  • Refrain from negative chatter. You never know who you might be sitting next to!

  • When traveling by plane, the gymnast should pack a carry-on bag with everything they will need for competition, including floor music (for optional girls), grips, leotard and warm ups, etc. You can replace toiletries and clothes if the bags get lost. Replacing floor music and grips is a bit tougher.


USA Gymnastics Rules

  • Under no circumstance is a parent allowed to go on the gymnastics competitive area. In case of a bad fall/injury parents are only allowed to come onto the floor if the coach signals a need for you.

  • No parent or gymnast should ever approach a meet official or judge with complaints or questions. Any contact is to be made by the coach. In addition, no parent is allowed on the gym floor during competition.

  • Parents/ coaches/ other athletes are not allowed to yell coaching cues. These include words such as: Stick it, run faster, jump, stay, etc. There is a deduction the judges can apply if they feel these instructions aided the gymnast.

  • All participants must behave in a sportsmanlike fashion. Yelling/ screaming/ anything loud and distracting should be avoided. Any show of anger or disgust during a competition can and will result in the gymnast being removed from the competition and scratched from any remaining events.

  • There is NO flash photography allowed, for the safety of the athletes.

  • All gymnasts must be in warm ups for awards. No boxer shorts, sweatshirts or other clothing is permitted at competitions.


Be proud of our team and promote only the positive!

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